Data Visualization Specialist




The Data Visualization Specialist will support Data Analyst department to prepare and, build others’ capacity to prepare, a wide range of data visualizations. Candidates must possess creative and adaptive thinking skills, be resourceful, and have a passion for conveying a wide range of information, including complex analytic findings, through polished and engaging reports and visuals. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with Marketing and Data Analytics deparment to clearly communicate through dashboards, data visualizations, interactive charts, graphs and other tools to diverse audiences. He/she will identify the best opportunities to use data analysis, graphic design and/or programming expertise to visually depict monitoring and implementation research data accurately and in ways that are accessible, engaging, innovative, and relevant to target audiences. Our goal is to solve problems and inform decision-making through innovation, collaboration, and technical expertise.


  • Collaborate with a team of monitoring, evaluation, learning and knowledge management staff, program staff, web developers, and technical subject matter experts to solve problems and convey key messages using data visualization approaches, techniques, and methods
  • Develop intuitive and attractive static and interactive data visualizations using routine program monitoring data for websites, annual and quarterly reports, presentations to donors and other stakeholders
  • Interpret and produce unique data visualizations for a variety of implementation research products, including reports, briefs, presentations and peer reviewed journal articles
  • Distill quantitative and qualitative data to communicate compelling stories to diverse audiences
  • Establish data visualization standards and explore new, cutting-edge tools to periodically raise those standards
  • Communicate results through presentations, reports, tools, and data visualizations for clients, internal staff, scientific journals, and other publications
  • Build capacity in data visualization
  • Collaborate with teams in proposal writing and new program development


  • Visualization, media arts and sciences, or equivalent with 3-6 years of relevant experience
  • Knowledge of graphics and visualization tools such as Adobe CS 5 Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Flash, Tableau, etc
  • Knowledge of Data Visualization Tools such as Data Studio, Tableau,  Power BI, etc...
  • Experience with data analysis and data visualization using tools such as SAS, Excel, SPSS, MatLab/R
  • Demonstrated ability to take complex information and/or large data sets and translate them for use in graphic or interactive visualizations for the web and/or other media
  • Familiarity with current web standards-based HTML, CSS and interactive tools such as JQuery or other Javascript-based code libraries
  • Experience in developing different types of visualization products
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple diverse groups across teams
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at one time
  • Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills - strong oral, written communication, and presentations skills as evidenced by publications or cover letter
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
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